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Friday, April 15, 2005

Blog round up...

Well here is a round up of what my favourite blogs have had to say recently:
Bloggerman: Keith has been paying tribute to great men in his past couple of blogs, though things have been a little slow recently. Hey Hubris, was it my imagination or do you have something for Cabal on the Olbermann?

Speaking of Cabal, mine is the most recent post up and I'm griping about Estate taxes. For more worthy topics just slide down the list and see what we have had to say on the Culture of Life and Hate Speech. If anyone hasn't seen Cabal, please check it out as it is a fantastic place to discuss any number of topics with a group of generally reasonable people. Those who have been invited to contribute pieces but haven't yet - shame on you! Pyrrho cannot carry it all by himself.

Which leads nicely into Rain in a Rusty Bucket, which is pyrrho's secret blog, shhh! He has a nice shot up at the top at the moment, though if you want to get the blood boiling look at the post below. Guaranteed to give you the urge to go and club poor defenceless seal hunters to a pulp (for the humour impaired, this is not serious).

Over at
Ideonexus, Ryan has left his (fascinating) mammoth sexual reproduction effort behind and has started musing on Intelligent design and more recently on the workings of Leni Riefenstahl.

Jumping to the complete other end of the spectrum and
Hubris (the blogfather) has released the latest part of Road House Revisited. It's nail biting stuff and I can't wait to see whether Patrick Swayze swaps to a stronger hold hair gel in the next installment. In other news he has gotten access to some of the preparatory notes for Senator Biden's questioning of John Bolton...

In the land of fudd, David has been experimenting with his photography. As much as it pains me to say this, he is getting very good and I recommend checking out his Flickr Photostream (by the way David, I'll be down tomorrow, probablyaround lunchtime, any chance a cup of tea will be waiting? No? OK, just thought I'd ask).

NTodd is going Mac and iPod crazy, but has taken some time to ask that we colour him cynical. What colour is that, I always envisage a sort of puce... By the way please note the correct spelling of colour :-)

Besides his usual comedy commentary, the Comics Curmudgeon is pleading for photos from his avid readers. Of course you have to buy some of his gear first...

Ilyka Damen is talking about recursion for dummies (I prefer the word moron) but more than that she seems to have developed what some might call an unhealthy Sesame Street fixation. Personally I think it is time she grew up and realised that it is a kid's programme and she has to move onto more adult themes. Bring on the Muppet Show!!!

Michele at
ASV has moved on from naming her boobies and is now swapping her Unitarian Jihad Name for the title of a van Halen song whilst offering her opinion that ASV has been 'home to major suckage' lately. Well, I recommend that you fall back on the tried and tested, you just can't go wrong with boobies.

And last but not least... Shinobi is still haranguing bad stats but has taken time out to speculate on one of the greatest questions that haunts us in this current age. What will Britney call her baby??! Quite frankly I am always impressed that a Ninja cat can write such a good blog.

Apologies if I missed anyone but I was just doing this whilst fiddling with a web connection and doing some work for a colleague. Now it's after 1 AM BST and so I am off to bed...
'Night all.


David said...

Flattery will get you everywhere. Your tea is sitting on the kitchen counter, ready for your arrival [might be a little on the cold side by the time you get here though]. ;)

Hubris said...

Now that, my friend, is a Carnival of Blogs.

Great memory on your part: I'm not a big Olbermann fan.

Shinobi said...


(And the opposite of Purr to Keith Olbermann, Even his name annoys me.)

Kav said...

Hmmm, perhaps I should have added trackbacks, though that might seem a little whorey...

I admit to liking Keith Olbermann, he entertains me. Though I am not so blind in my hero worship that I cannot acknowledge his faults. Smug is a word that springs readily to mind...