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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Do you know what I Hate?

US Tax forms. I hate them, I really do despise them.
Thankfully after this one I shall never have to fill any in again (hurrah)!

Oh, you know what else I hate?
I hate patronizing, hostile, US IRS officials who man the helpline for foreigners. Take 'em all outside and shoot them!


Omni said...

I'm guessing that the IRS agents who have to "man the helpline for foreigners" are those who got in trouble for something... in the same way that the UPS drivers who do the runs in residential neighborhoods are.

Anonymous said...

Patronizing and hostile was all you encountered?! Kav, let me tell you, from my experience, patronizing and hostile are the ones that are well mannered and well behaved. That was their A-team. I had the unfortunate experience of dealing with the third string ... much less pleasant.


Kav said...

Sounds scary.
I did have one glimmer of joy. At one stage I explained my case and the IRS agent - lets call her 'the git' for short - misunderstood me. The git went into 'how stupid can you be' mode and really cranked up the patronizing. I managed to cut in when I realized she had misunderstood and then got to enjoy profuse apologies for the next 30 seconds.
Oh, but then the git went back to normal hostile mode on the next question.

Shinobi said...

Sounds like my boss. A Lot like my boss. He should go work for the IRS.

Anonymous said...


For what it is worth, git is one of my alltime favorite words. Ranks right up there with bugger and wanker.


Kav said...

There is something quite satisfying about the milder British slang swear words. I don't know what it is.
When cursing at an unexpected problem, I do like to fall back on a nice, comfortable 'Arse!'


Kav said...

By the way, I still despise the US IRS!
I'll be sending my forms on Monday though. mercifully the wonderful COlorado State tax department gives us foreigners (and anyone out of the country I think) the option to file on June 15th.
But there is still a problem...

Actually this deserves a post of it's own!