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Sunday, April 03, 2005

A Hobbit Hole for the 21st Century

This unusual abode is located on the South Wales coastline. Bilbo Baggins never had it so good... Posted by Hello


Hubris said...

Are you trying to stoke the fire of my dormant Anglophilia into a raging, all-consuming passion?

Nice pic. Here are some Yanks hoping to build their own Hobbit hole.

Internet Street Philosopher said...

I'm envious. Extremely so.

Shamsul said...

Did some travel a few years back all over Wales and viewed some od the most awesome sights. If you care to continue the comm. on mutual subjects such as Metaphysics or Zen and such do drop in on my Blog. Hope you enjoy life as much as I do.

Anonymous said...

I think that Jeff over at protein wisdom had a guy on his radio show that is trying to build a hobbit hole. Was that you Kav?


Kav said...

Nope, same guy Hubris mentioned.
This was just a spot I saw down the coast from where I spent New Year with a group of friends.

I do have a colleague in Boulder, CO. who really wants to build his own hobbit hole as well.
I would not be averse to the idea, though; I have often thought that an underground house would have advantages.