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Friday, April 08, 2005

I'm Back....

Well, I'm back. It was a very pleasant three days spent in the beautiful surroundings of Cambridge University. We were staying in a very impressive college (which I won't name) that on first view made you yearn to study there. However, having spent two nights in a really crappy, cramped student room with shared toilet/shower facilities, I am rather glad I didn't study there. In fact the strange brown ring around the base of the toilet bowl has started giving me nightmares.

The meeting itself was very good, lots of interesting talks of a spacey nature, mixing things up from Saturn (Cassini) and Jupiter back to the Earth.

I'll be blogging on some spacey things in the near future. Watch this space...

UPDATE: I should point out that the room and bathroom thing was a minor inconvenience really. On the whole I had a thoroughly good time. The staff were all incredibly friendly and helpful and the meeting was excellently arranged. The tone of this post made it seem that I didn't enjoy myself when in actual fact I had a great time.

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