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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Lots of work this week... posting will be even more sparse.
I have to finish some marking, write a 50 minute lecture (in two days), get some more marking to do after a couple of exams are finished and have numerous meetings with all sorts of people. Oh yes, and invigilate an exam. Busy, busy busy.
So if you are looking for interesting things to read then I recommend checking out my blogroll. Hubris is always good for a laugh and there is a new post up at Cabal. Shinobi has been active with lots of good stuff and ASV is always worth a visit. I heartily recommend the Comics Curmudgeon. As to the rest, well they are all great as well. One blog that I have ignored and is sadly missing from my blogroll (must fix it) is Sharp as a Marble, go have a look.

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