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Sunday, April 03, 2005

RIP John Paul II

I feel a little sadness today. I was raised a catholic and still have some affection for the church (why is hard to explain) and so the passing of John Paul II has made me a little sad. I was in Liverpool at the age of 3 when he visited the city and it is one of my earliest memories.

    An aside: that summer, whilst on holiday, I saw three little orthodox jewish children on the beach. Not knowing what their skullcaps meant, I pointed to them and proclaimed: "Look mummy, little Popes!" My mother told this story upto the year she died.
Many have different opinions on the man and the way he ran his church. He has garnered a lot of criticism, but for a while I hope that we can remember that he did do good for people in this world.
Lets face it, if you can say that about your life, then you are halfway there.

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