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Friday, April 01, 2005

The Second Post

Well, here is my second post on my very own blog and quite frankly it is as poor as the first. No real substance here, rather it is more of a little update on what I have done since inception and a sort of plan of how I intend to use this site.

Well, I have now added a blog roll and some links to interesting and useful websites. I am sure that these will grow and change as time goes on. I am not yet fully happy with the blog template but at the moment I do not have the time, knowledge or even the inclination to do anything about it. Eventually I intend to develop a much more personalised feel to the blog, though I imagine that what will happen is that I will bitch about it for several months and then stop blogging anyway.

Speaking of which, this is all for my own use and enjoyment. The minute I feel that I am pandering to my readers (hah!) and not getting anything out of it then I will stop. Simple as that. I don't care about traffic and adoration (well only as much as the next man), my ego is big enough to not need stroking.

My intention with this blog is twofold:

  1. I hope to post interesting ramblings on a variety of subjects. I certainly do not plan on limiting what I discuss, though I think that topics of a discursive political nature shall be posted primarily over at Cabal. I shall rant occasionally, probably involving celebrities and politicians (UK mostly, I imagine) and perceived injustices in the world. I shall post about science -mostly space physics related. Generally you will get a mixed bag of commentary
  2. I intend to use this spot as a sort of diary for meanderings on my day to day life. This doesn't mean that I will be posting hugely personal information but I will be moaning and griping about things and possibly even celebrating good news and happy events. There could also be an awful lot of tedium in the mix.
So that is my intention. What actually happens we shall see.


Hubris said...

(3) Rare antique British pornography. Just a suggestion.

Good luck!

Kav said...

Thanks. There is some interesting stuff out there. Those Victorians may have been straight-laced in public, but behind closed doors...weh-hey!

By the by, in some ways I guess you should take some blame for this blog. Your blog and spinsanity were the first two I ever read, which in a way makes you the parents (with some cross fertilisation from my friend David at fuddland).
So I suppose the question should be: Who's the daddy?

Hubris said...

Due to my rustic upbringin', I prefer the term "pa."

Shinobi said...

Same thing happend to me Kav. It's all Hubris's fault. I'll add you to my pathetic blogroll though.

Kav said...

Shinobi, are we siblings then???

No, I'm going to stop this now before it gets too pathetic :-)
Thanks for the addition to your blogrolls, both of you.

David said...

"Fertilising" with someone I don't even know? That doesn't sound like me. Oh, wait a minute, yes it does...

Anonymous said...

oh my god... I just realized Hubris is our Blog Father. And that makes The Road House our official movie. Finally I live in Surreality!

which is weird because I think I'm older than you Hubris, and may have even blogged much longer. Of course...

I shall put up a blog roll! This weekend (and if not... then later!)

by the way, you chose the same blog template as I... my blog is named entirely in my mother's style, the Rusty Bucket "brand" is her thing (she lives on a small ranch), and I thought the parchment look would fit that and also I like the parchement. I did recently change the background tile to reflect more of my own sensibilities, which is did, although it doesn't actually make the page aestetically pleasing.

I have no idea why I'm writing all this except that it's Kav's new blog and I want to post and besides I'm supportin' the Cabal.

I'm glad to hear there are some kinds of posts you'll pipe through Cabal... cheers.

Btw... if you are taking suggestions on Brit Celebs I just want you to know that I love Diana Rigg.


Shinobi said...

Hehehe The Blogfather.

Kav said...

I love Diana Rigg too. Uma just wasn't close in the crappy film.

I have added you to my blogroll and like your new background.

I should also note that I imagine that a lot of the griping I will do will involve words like 'morons' and will deal with having to teach!

Anonymous said...

Kav - I have nothing of substance to add, whatsoever ... I just wanted to drop you a note to say hello to one of my favorite people across the pond. I shall check in routinely, and dammit, you had better entertain me !