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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Blogging so far...

Does anyone else think it hilarious that when I use the spell checker on my posts in blogger, it always fails to recognise 'blogging' and instead tries to turn it into 'flogging'

No? Just me then, okay.

Anyway, in this rather uncharacteristic third post of the day I have decided to stop and take stock of what has gone on in this blog so far. Be warned, I have no intention of stopping, no, this is just a momentary pause to see where we are on this little cyber-journey.

So far I have had over 200 visits to my pages. How many individuals? Well, I don't know, I haven't checked but I estimate about 8 people that I would term regulars and a handful of curious people who have dived by when I have popped up in searches or referenced in other blogs. So I am not exactly setting the world alight, but then I don't really care since this is a resource for me. One of those pointless, self-indulgent blogs :-)

However, I am intrigued by a thought. Of those poor, but wonderful, fools who read my blog what would you like to see here? Is there something you think I should write more about (yes I remembered about the porn, Hubris)? Please let me know and I shall try to accommodate.

Actually, I won't try to accommodate at all, I will probably keep going my own sweet way, but I am curious :-)

Anyway, I have blogged about a number of things so far:

  • The sun/solar cycle
  • Aurora Blogging
  • Sheep Blogging (and other animals)
  • The Pope
  • Stuff I have seen and done
  • My beefs with bizarre statements and erroneous reporting
  • Taxes (nuff said)

To name most of them.
Strangely the most striking thing to me is that I have so far failed to blog about how moronic students are. Hah. Considering that it is a thought that runs through my head most days I am amazed it has managed to avoid being blogged about. Then again this guy articulates the problem in a much more amusing manner than I ever could.

So there we are. Now, normal service (or lack thereof) shall resume forthwith.


Hubris said...

I find it interesting that it doesn't flag "recognise" with an "s." You must have an anglophilic spellchecker.

Kav said...

Ah, but it does, I just overrule it :-)
Funnliy enough the use of 'ize' at the ends of words was originally the same in English (as oppose to American).

Here in the UK, for whatever reason, it morphed into 'ise' whereas you guys kept it the same.

So there you go - not an example of you lot bastardising (bastardizing?) the English language. Though of course there are lots of examples where you do. Colour, anyone?

David said...

Colour is my favorite. ;)

Kav said...

Colour is my favorite. ;)

You looking for a slap, fella?