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Friday, May 06, 2005

Crushing defeat for Blair

The latest score is Labour = 32, Conservatives = 1, Liberals = 2, SNP = 1

Coming in thick and fast here (yawn).

One swing to the Tories from Labour, no change for everyone else.

Right, I'm off to bed :-)

UPDATE: Well Blair won. No real surprise there. I can't even say that I am disappointed since I never for one moment harboured the belief that he would lose. One glimmer of hope is that the Labour Party now has a reduced majority - still a hefty majority, but reduced.

So far someting like 619 out of 646 seats have been declared. The breakdown is as follows:

Labour: 353 (-47)
Conservatives: 195 (+33)
Liberal Democrats: 59 (+11)
Other: 12 (+3)
I am not sure how the popular vote went. As I stated before, it was quite clear that Labour majorities were being sliced in individual, safe seats, and it was the Lib Dems that were doing it.

What does this all mean: Well theoretically it means that Blair will find it harder to steam roll his agenda through parliament. In real terms it all depends on how much the two main opposition parties manage to really oppose. We shall see. there is already talk that Blair may well walk sooner rather than later; I will believe it when I see it. At the very least I hope a little bit of doubt and humility creeps in - that would be a novelty.

UPDATE 2: Worst news of the night. George Galloway defeated his Labour opponent. Now as you may have surmised, I am no Labour fan but Galloway is an odious little man who should never darken the doorstep pf parliaments again, but he won on an anti-Iraq-war platform.
I think that the war played a bigger part than Labour thought it would - even Tony Blair said it had an effect, but now the press will of course discuss the Iraq issue as a somewhat deciding factor and Glenn Reynolds will get nice and smug about his prediction. I leave it to you, my dear reader to see the obvious flaws in Glenn's logic (self-satisfied, smug moron!).

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