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Monday, May 02, 2005

Expanding, not reducing...

Ilyka is following a trend set by Laurence Simon (in an sarcastic sort of way, I think).

She has formed a list of the 10 blogs that she would read if she could only read 10. Hubris and A Small Victory are on there, which means that either I have taste or Ilyka does not ;-)

Well, I'm not going to do that. I fear a world in which I am restricted in my blog reading and the idea of it sends me into spasms such that I can not write about such a world.

However, I have now added two more blogs to my blogroll!
All hail:

two sites which I read periodically but keep forgetting to link to. So now I have linked them :-)

Aside: I see that there appears to be a blog-feud going on between Protein Wisdom and Laurence Simon. It seems to stem from what looked like an over reaction from PW followed by some quite mean spirited posting by LS. In fact some LS comes across as pretty snobbish (and hypocritical) about PW and other bloggers in his sneering at 'memes'.

I don't read either and so have no horse in this race, but I am confused: what is the point? Really, what on Earth is the point in feuding via blogs? Surely it just makes all concerned look foolish eventually? Just like any feud does, actually.

2nd Aside: For those who wonder about the amount of posting I am doing today, it is simply because I have shit-loads of marking to do and quite frankly I get bored inbetween every 3rd or fourth paper/assignment.


Shinobi said...
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Shinobi said...

I am deleting my other comment because I am stupid.