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Friday, May 06, 2005

I want to blog but...

... I am just swamped! I managed to finish exam marking but still have coursework marking (or grading for Shinobi) to finish off plus two proposals to write in a week. Daunting task indeed. Plus I have project students who seem to be deluded into thinking that I am here to serve them and give them orders on exactly what they should do at a given time. It is highly frustrating!!!

My door never seems to stop swinging as bloody students keep traipsing in to ask me another question or beg me to write their project for them. One of them has now taken to calling me to
remind me to do things, the cheeky fucker. What's worse is that I didn't even forget to do the things he keeps reminding me of. So I sent him an email explaining how I thought it was unnecessary, inappropriate and that things were getting done. I highlighted that this week (and next) has been incredibly busy for me and that I would prefer that he not disturb me outside of the established contact times for this period.

He then shows up in the department 15 minute later, at which point I bark at him that I am way too busy and stride right past him with my arms full of marking!!!! I hope he got the message. If he really wants me to micro-manage then I can make his life hell for a few weeks until he is sick of it - but not until a week next Monday!

It is seriously pissing me off and stressing me out. So much so that I have erected a poster on my door to drive students away. So far it seems to be working (that one guy never got as far as my door, he ambushed me in the corridor). The depressing thing is that I actually finish the teaching job at the end of this month. I then, hopefully, slip into a nice research job here at the university - same boss, different (and better) job. This doesn't sound so depressing does it? Well, here comes the depressing bit: I don't get to give up the students, I have to keep working with them until September (and beyond for one of the part-timers). So even when I should be getting back to research I am instead forced to do teaching. It sucks, big time (though not all of my students are a problem, 3 of them are very good so far).

Anyway, that's me just blowing off steam...
[rant over, normal blogging service will resume shortly....]

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