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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

I'm away... posting is slow. Keep coming back as new stuff will appear soon.

Just got back from seeing Queen live in Sheffield. Absolutely fantastic. Paul Rodgers, who was the frontman with Free and Bad Manners, is performing with them and puts his own spin on the Freddie Mercury role. No one can truly replace Freddie, but Paul really stamps his mark on the numbers he performs. Biran May did the honours on a special rendition of Under Pressure, and really captured the Mercury lyrical style. Very cool.

Anyway, more to come soon...

Aside: Forgot my blogspot password yesterday. Probably a good thing since I was all set to post a mean attack on Glenn Reynolds for being up his own arse and spreading unfounded and malicious lies. Then I thought: oh who cares? Those who agree with him won't be swayed (or even read this) and those who don't probably already think what I think (and won't even read this).


Hubris said...

Was it the BNP thing?

Kav said...

no, I saw that and thought he was misled. Bit quick to shove something out there, but credit to him over correcting his mistakes.
No it was a comment on something he said (without apparent support) about the BBC news coverage:

-- though I wonder if it would have been different if it hadn't been for the constant, and frequently dishonest, BBC coverage.

I'd like to see what he musters as evidence for 'frequent dishonesty', remembering the high standard we apply to proving lies. Plus how much BBC news does he watch over there - I remember not seeing that much in America.

Hubris said...

Yeah, I agree that the kneejerk the-BBC-is-a-pack-of-biased-liars thing gets annoying (like everything else) when it's tossed out without support as an article of faith.

This was the weirdest thing I saw, if it was reported accurately.

Kav said...

Yeah, that was utterly ridiculous and stupid. The guy was making a documentary on hecklers and brought along his own plants. Idiocy of the highest order; for one thing these meetings usually provide their own hecklers, there was no need to brown bag it.

I think one of the problems is that people fail to realise the large differences between much of the different BBC departments. This was not BBC news (which in fact reported on the incident -and did not air the footage!). I hope that the documentary make either apologises or makes his case properly. I have not heard much since (from any news outlet).

It's funny how Labour moan how the BBC is against them (just ask Mr Campbell) and the Conservatives do the same. As a recent Lib Dem voter it was amusing to see the old-hand conservatives like Ken Clarke deflect Paxman's questions and come across as very charming whilst some of his other colleagues looked flustered. Meanwhile the Labour MPs all seemed to follow a similar line in adopting a 'martyr' strategy. It was uncanny to watch how the 'nasty BBC man picked on the poor little politician'. I'm sure a memo must have gone out. Funnily the Lib Dems just gave straight answers - they knew they would never have to deliver on any of their promises :-)

Sometimes I wish the 'right' and 'left' would sit down and compare notes on how they attack and defend certain things. They might just discover a big huge stinking pile of hypocrisy!

Hubris said...

If they're pissing everyone off, they must be doing something right.

Shinobi said...

People are always inclined to find bias against them even in the most unbiased coverage. It is called The Hostile Media Phenomenon.

Hubris said...

Sounds similar to The Hostile Girlfriend Phenomenon. Why can't they truly appreciate the total package that I am and treat me accordingly?

Shinobi said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Shinobi said...


(But don't tell them that or they will remove your balls.)

hrun said...

Kav, glad you liked Queen. I had the misfortune of seeing Queen back in Germany. My Mom thought it was an appropriate X-Mas gift for me and my American girlfriend.

Well, let me tell you, first, half the Musical is actually translated into German (even the songs), so my girlfriend couldn't follow it and I hated it (love Queen but can't stand when their songs get butchered). On top of that, the quality of the performances was severely lacking in quality. While the Killer Queen was great and Freddy did an OK job, all other performers were mediocre singers.

Only now do I appreciate the incredible depth of talented actors and singers hanging out in NYC (and other cultural centers). I tell, I have seen better singers in off-off-off Broadway shows than in this horrible Queen musical in Cologne.

Kav said...

Hey, Hrun, nice to 'see' you again. I haven't caught up with musical yet; perhaps I won't now - though I definitely would not go and see it in German :-).

I'm still on a little high from seeing the group perform the other night. I was a bit miffed at first that there was no support but then they did over 2.5 hours non-stop so who am I to complain!

hrun said...

Hey there Kav, I took a hiatus from bloggin to finish my Ph.D.

I actually did not follow your link, so I misunderstood what you were talking about. :( Good to hear that Paul Rodgers is doing a good job. If they tour in the US I might just have to go and check them out. It would be great to see them perform again.