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Monday, May 02, 2005

Is there a link?

Here are the stats again. This time with red lines indicating days when I posted something, whether it was a single post or a raft of posts.
So, my question to you, dear readers, is:
What does this information tell you about this blog?

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ntodd said...

It's the Inverse Blog Law! The less you post, the more traffic you get... :-)

ntodd said...

Oh, this reminded me of Dune (the silly voiceover from the Lynch movie, not the book): The Worm; the Spice; is there a relationship?

Gavriel said...

We're sorry. It's just we only like to read between the lines.

(Actually, this is my first time here, but I figured it should be ok to comment anyway).

David said...

Excellent... Posts about visitor stats. You're well on the way to earning your Bloggers Badge. C'mon, where are those cat photos? ;)

Kav said... cats...

I can still resist for now. Aided by the fact that I hate cats!

For some reason the old blog is getting bucketloads of hits today. Just passed the 30 mark.

Kav said...

Welcome to the Real World :-)
Comment as much as you like.

Please also peruse my blogroll and see if there is anything there that tickles your fancy.