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Sunday, May 01, 2005

London Baby!

Some friends came visiting from the States recently and we all headed down to London for the day. It was actually a very nice day and at the end of it my wife managed to get this rather neat picture of the clock tower at the Palace of Westminster.
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Earlier that evening we had strolled through St. James' Park and managed to get a great shot of Buckingham Palace. That was the Union Flag flying and not the Queen's personal standard so I guess she wasn't at home.
The next day was the London Marathon so it was probably wise for her to avoid the capital. Posted by Hello

On our way back from Buck house I managed to snap Nelson's column with the clock tower in the background. The colours and structures of the clouds reminded me of some of the fantastic paintings that hang in the National Gallery... which by coincidence was about 10 feet behind me when I took the shot. Posted by Hello

On our way back to the hotel, we got this shot of the London Eye.
Unfortunately it is a little blurred, but it still captures the atmosphere quite nicely. Posted by Hello

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