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Monday, May 02, 2005

Messing about on the... canal

Whilst a walking, my wife snapped this shot of a marina on the local canal.

I find the sight of narrow boats and still waters to be somewhat relaxing. I guess I see it as a sort of gentle, lazy idyll; the slow meanderings of the boats along the water highways of Britain.
No hurries and not many cares other than whether you will find a good pub at the end of a days slow cruising.

I have never had the good fortune to do a boating holiday though my wife has and speaks about it in glowing terms. Maybe someday soon... Posted by Hello

This reverie I feel is somewhat akin to the nostalgia I feel for steam trains. Not having ever experienced a time when steam trains were the norm (I am far too young) I look back upon it with rose tinted spectacles. I guess it is far too easy to romanticise the past and forget the hardships and problems that actually abounded. Oh well, I kind of like my historical fantasy world so I think I'll keep it for now.


David said...

I went on a few boating holidays on the canals of England when I were a lad, as well as one more recently on the Norfolk Broads, and can also vouch for them: nice and relaxing. (Until your moorings mysteriously untie themselves in the middle of the night and you find yourselves drifting off down the water. Always know where the torch is!)

Kav said...

Nice mental image of mad scramblings and panics in the dark :-)