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Monday, May 02, 2005

Mexican Wave?

Here are the stats for Living in the Real World since I started using sitemeter. The first spike is somewhat misleading as at that point I had not discounted myself from the stats and I passed through the page often that day as I was playing with things.

It's interesting to note that my traffic really went up today in comparison with past times. This included a fair number of unfamiliar readers.

Bizarrely when I looked at the referring pages they all came from Spanish-language blogs. I am guessing that each of the surfers was using the
next blog button at the top of the blog page. I am not sure what criteria blogger uses for determining the next blog, though I imagine it is random. If so, it's quite bizarre that so many people who used it last night on Spanish-language blogs were then sent to me. Go figure.

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Gavriel said...

I've had the same questions about that "next blog" traffic. I think it has to do with how recently a page is updated. So if you happen to update the same time all the people in Spanish language time zones are updating, that's what you get. You could ask them to comment and explain, but you woulnd't understand their answers.

Kav said...

:-) Heh.

I spoke to soon about the strangely random visitors. Now I have been visited by someone who came from a different foreign language blog. Don't recognise the language though.

However the numbers keep bouncing up today.

I wonder if some people are just looking for lyrics to Blondie songs...