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Thursday, May 05, 2005

NEWSFLASH: Poxy bomb blast manages to have zero effect on UK elections

A bomb blast in New York, USA, today caused absolutely no panic amongst the British public.

Tragic loss of glass and concrete. Flowers, mourned.

Two homemade devices were detonated outside the UK consulate in New York. They caused massive levels of devastation to a flower pot and broke some windows. Shrapnel was found half a block away!

This terrible attack against plant life and masonry came just as the UK went to the polls to select a new government and mirrored attacks in Madrid that, as any rightwing moonbat can tell you, caused the Spanish to be cowed into doing the terrorists' bidding. Oh, except, those attacks were truly horrendous and resulted in a tragic waste of human life, whereas this one didn't.

It is expected that this hideous anti-flora attack will have absolutely zero effect on the outcome of the UK election and that the grinning chimp, Blair, will get another term in which to screw UK citizens over some more, whilst the Conservatives continue to implode and the people whine about: 'I'd have voted for the Lib Dems if I thought they could have gotten in to power'.



Anonymous said...

Best commentary on this story that I have read anywhere !


Kav said...

cheers mate :-)

Not upto the Hubris standard for humerous/sarcastic/ironic posts but I think it gets my point across.

Hubris said...

This terrible attack against plant life and masonry

That turn of phrase greatly exceeds the low standard I've set.

Kav said...

hah, Hubris, you self effacing bastard. Your modesty insults me!