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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Tower of London

Our visit to London included spending several hours in the Tower of London. From across the river the White Tower, the oldest part -built by William the Conqueror I believe, is quite a fantastic view Posted by Hello

Upon entering we were greeted by a Yeoman of the Guard (a Beefeater)... Posted by Hello well as one of the Ravens. This one was caught in mid 'caw'. They are actually quite beautiful birds. They have had their wings clipped to keep them at the Tower, since there is a prophecy that if the ravens ever leave then the monarchy will crumble. Posted by Hello

On the inside the White Tower is even more impressive than from across the river. Even with somebody's forehead in the way! Posted by Hello

My wife took this shot as we were leaving, heading up to Tower Hill tube station. It's a nice juxtaposition of the new with the old, with City Hall sat facing the tower across the river. The oldest symbol of law in London sat in opposition to the newest. Posted by Hello

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