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Thursday, May 05, 2005


Hmmm, after a burst of posting I have gone pretty quiet here for the moment. I wonder, is it perhaps comparable with post-coital sleepiness? As a man, I understand that once the deed is done we need a period of deep, undisturbed rest. It is a fact of nature. Well hopefully I will 'wake up' again soon. When I do re-emerge I can offer the following topics:

  • the UK election and politics here
  • evolution
  • climate change
At the moment, I have a deadline looming for four separate things including buckets of exam and coursework marking. Will the teaching torture never end?????????


David said...

Given up on the increasingly-mythical "Why students are morons" entry have we? ;)

Shinobi said...

Does anyone need to post on that really?

I find it SO entertaining that you call grading, marking, which just goes to show how easily I am entertained.

Kav said...


Trust me, it's coming ;-)


A US friend of mine was baffled last week when I gave him a tour of the library and told him all the students were busy revising.
He wanted to know what they were revising and a few minutes of confusion ensued until we realised that we were talking at cross-purposes since revision in the context I used it meant studying for exams.

ah, fun with language...