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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Cake and upgrade

We are about to celebrate the first publication from one of our PhD students. This is done through the medium of cake :-)

Actually the paper came out in January but her supervisor was stateside and so didn't know that we already celebrated. Consequently now we have extra cake!

Also, it would appear that our computer support people have said that it is perfectly okay for us to upgrade to service pack 2. I am about to attempt this shortly (works fine on my laptop) but now we shall see what effect it has on my desktop here at work. If I don't post again today assume complete computing failure.


Ade said...

If I don't post again today assume complete computing failure...

...or assume that after 4 posts already today you're just getting on with some of that work you keep going on about. ;)

kav said...

aha but I am managing to have a very productuve work day! It would appear that posting is not the problme, rather it is the students! Just as I always thought.