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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Crazy Frog*

I hate the crazy frog ringtone. In fact I hate most ringtones and since I don't own a mobile phone so I can say that without hypocrisy. Ringtones annoy me. It's a gimmick, designed to draw cash out of moronic people. The new radio series of the HitchHiker's Guide to the Galaxy has the correct idea in mocking them (in place of digital watches).

But now it has all gone worse. It is now number 1 in the UK singles chart. A new 'mix' of Axel F polluted by a stupid ringtone of an animated frog making motercycle noises. For all that is holy in the world!

"Crazy Frog Axel F" is the first cell phone ring tone to cross into mainstream music charts, said Gennaro Castaldo, a spokesman for HMV, the British music retailing chain.

You know, what scares me most about the preceding sentence? The use of the word 'first'; it scares 7 types of the brown stuff out of me - there might be more. In fact the implication is that Castaldo is expecting more! I feel a rampage with a terribly dangerous weapon might soon be in order.

The only glimmers of hope in this whole sordid affair is that it kept Coldplay from being top of the charts (apologies to my wife, who is a fan). It always sounds to me as if Chris Martin has a half a mouth full of spittle when he sings.
More importantly than that is that the Frog knocked Oasis (seriously overrated) from the #1 spot. That must have felt good for their over inflated egos. Bunch of one-tune, limited talent, self-loving wankers.

Still, bad day for UK music - plus a sure sign that the morons are not only coming, they are already in the hall and are taking off their coats. Beware!

*inspired by this post over at ASV


Ade said...

The only glimmers of hope in this whole sordid affair is that it kept Coldplay from being top of the charts

Hmm, whatever you think of Coldplay (I happen to think they are ok), I can't see any way in which The Crazy Frog being at No.1 can be considered a glimmer of hope!

Bunch of one-tune, limited talent, self-loving wankers

Are you talking about the Crazy Frog creators here or Oasis? (I suspect I know the answer to that question actually)...

Kav said...

It's not so much the Crazy (shitty) frog being number 1 that is the glimmer, it is more the fact that Coldplay aren't.

To be fair a lot of their stuff is okay, but until I can shift this mental image of Chris Martin's mouth spilling saliva whenever I hear them I ain't gonna be a fan :-)

I guess my wanker comment can be applied both ways :-)