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Monday, June 27, 2005

Deport Clarke and Blair!

During the recent UK election the conservative party appeared to run on a single issue: immigration. It was brought up an awful lot by the party leader Michael Howard as well as by Labour as a big stick to pound him with. Personally I have strong and conflicting views on immigration in the UK, we are a small island with finite space. Having lived in Colorado for two years I am still not over how crowded I feel when walking around town these days. Buti also believe in a world where honest people should move freely and people should be allowed to eke out an existance where they choose. hence, conflict.

Anyway, Howard wanted to instigate a quota and a points system for immigrants, to limit access to the UK and cut back on the numbers that we are currently struggling under. He was accused of playing the race card, and of playing on people's fears. He was mocked since he is the son of east European immigrants. Often he was asked whether he would have let his own family in.

Now after all the attacks on Howard's stance on immigration there is this. I understand that these people have failed their asylum application but with what is happening in Zimbabwe at the moment perhaps now is a time to halt and wait the deportation. It is hardly clear cut who will suffer the mad 'cleansing' of Mugabe next.

I really dislike Clarke and Blair. Arrogance and ignorance united in certitude.


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