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Wednesday, June 01, 2005


I'm having a really hard time finding the will to blog at the moment.

I have plenty of ideas, though some of them (particularly my lambast at Blair) suffer from missing their allotted time and so will probably never happen.

Anyway, my day is taken up with work, but it all seems so unproductive at the moment. I have a 100 different things to do and cannot decide where to begin. Consequently I am not doing anywhere near as much as I ought to do.

I did manage to finish off the last of my undergraduate marking today, which is a good thing. Now I have to rewrite course reviews for all the courses I taught this year. I say rewrite as I had written some of them already and I cannot find where the hell I saved them.

This is very frustrating.

On the plus side I have managed to get a PhD student up and running on a study that I suggested by helping with her computing account - very satisfying moment. Plus I have found a really cool dataset that needs exploiting. I am too busy but the student is going to take a crack at it :-)

Still haven't seen Revenge of the Sith yet. The wife is away and would probably not forgive me if I went without her.

Hmm, not much else to tell really.

Oh yes, I was at a Stag weekend recently. A loud and brash affair, which had a day at the races - thoroughly enjoyable. Made even more enjoyable when the syndicate, of which I was a member, had two of our horses come in at 50-1 and 33-1. A cool £390 went into my back pocket. Not bad for a £30 expenditure. God bless my mate Jim who picked each of the horses (just from their names). There were 7 races in total and the only race I didn't back a horse in and the horse was a non-runner.


I regret not buying a lottery ticket that night...

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