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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Impeachment Update!

Hah, someone else has spotted the 'impeachment' lie over John Kerry's comments about the Downing Street memo.

Keith Olbermann over at Bloggerman neatly punctures the balloon full of rubbish that hjas been floating around about Kerry calling for President Bush's impeachment*: quite simply he didn't say it. Aljazeera (.com not .net - different beasties) said it and NewsMax said it as well. They put 2 and 2 together and came up with 5; morons... or lieing spinners - take your pick.

The Aljazeera story was linked to by Shinobi in her original article.

Perhaps now all those blathering on about Kerry calling for impeachment will shut up. Don't believe everything you read, even when it's on the internet and not in the mainstream media!

*this is not to say that Kerry might not in the future call for impeachment; lets remember rules of causality, people:if he does the wingnuts cannot claim vindication.


ntodd said...

That's weird because I heard Bush call for his own impeachment during that news conference with Blair the other day. I swear.

Kav said...

have you got a transcript I could look at? you interest me strangely, young man.

Kevin Baas said...

I saw your interest in the downing street memo, and thought you might be interested in joining the Big Brass Alliance.

Check it out. :)
-Kevin (

Kav said...

Unfortunately, Kevin, although I appreciate your invite I am a citizen of the UK and so to join a campaign that is lobbying the US congress on an internal matter would be somewhat unethical in my view.