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Monday, June 06, 2005


I have heard a rumour that John kerry is going to present the 'Downing Street Memo' before congress. Several websites have linked this with a push for impeachment (e.g. here and here), though I am yet to see one that quotes John Kerry using the word (Nader has).

Additionally I have seen little mention of this in the press. If there is this huge liberal bias that I am told about so often, why are the press not all over this already? The memo did get press over here, but not so much as an expose of the Bush administration as in Blair's potential lieing about the timing of war decisions. Neither goverment has denied the validity of the memo (yet), so there is a story there, since it contradicts official timelines of events and decisions. So what is the deal here?

Hat tip to Shinobi for drawing my attention to this.


Shinobi said...


Shinobi said...
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Anonymous said...

I fail to see how this Downing Street Memo brings up any new information not previously available.

My personal impression is that anybody except for Sen. Kerry and Sen. Clinton would do better introducing this request for impeachment. Unless Sen. Kerry thinks that our elections are like the Miss Massachusetts competition, and the title goes to the runner up if the winner has to step aside.

Off topic, Kav, but congrats to the young man from across the pond, Dan Wheldon, for winning the Indy 500 here in my hometown. Great driver.

Anonymous said...

That was me ... J.D.

Shinobi said...

JD I think the reason people feel it is damning is it basically states outright that the Bush Administration had decided to go to war and that intelligence was being collected in order to back up this decision and not the other way around.

This is the full text of the memo, I believe.

Hardly impeachment fodder IMO though. It doesn't look good for the administration though. And I think you're right Kerry should not be the one to introduce this, he is hardly objective in this department.

Kav said...

I agree about it not being impeachment fodder. However it does reveal new information in as much as it alters the timeline of decision making that had been presented to us plebs. If what it says is true then it is important.

Kav said...

JD, Wheldon is a great driver. I am a Formula 1 fan myself and there is talk of him trying out for a drive. I hope that he continues on over there as I think he should build up a good base of wins and sponsorship. I was a bit sorry that Danica Patrick only came 4th, especially with all the big butch men whining about her weight advantage. Funny that they didn't think that their superior upper body strength was an advantage for getting that wheel turned. Pussies.