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Wednesday, June 22, 2005


I have noticed that I have now used the f-word in two of my last 3 posts. Now I do use the f-word in my daily life, not that much and only amongst selected individuals (including my father- bizarrely), but is it appropriate for a weblog?

Should I watch my language in case impressionable or easily offended people visit? Of course, I am free to say whatever I like but perhaps I should show consideration and not use profanity on such an open resources as the internet. Do I really need to use profanity or could I get my point across without it. Does it show an inherent weakness in my writing style?

Your views please, anyone?


Shinobi said...

Fuck 'em

David said...

I tend to avoid cursing in posts -- a quick search reveals I've used the 'f' word or one of its derivatives in only about fifteen posts in over three years of writing, and the most recent occurrence was last September. But then, I've found that people I know seem to think I never swear, which is just flipping absurd ... I mean, clucking stupid. Gah, I can't do it!

hubris said...

I'm shocked and outraged. But then, I've always been somewhat of a prude.

Ryan Somma said...

There's nothing wrong with dropping an occassional f-bomb for dramatic effect, whether its outrage or humor you're pushing. It's only when your vocabulary atrophies into pure profanity that its a problem. Alot of high school kids seem to suffer from that malaise.

I would curse more, but it just sounds really lame and unimpressive when it comes out of my mouth. I might as well be saying "smurf."

So go smurf yourselves. Ya buncha smurfheads.

Kav said...

Hubris, I have worried mostly about offending your delicate sensibilities when cursing on this site. Especially since ou make up 10% of my readership :-)


Shinobi said...

I think I suffer from the atrophy Ryan mentioned. I blame rock music.