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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

quadruple figures


At time of writing I have had 1002 hits on my weblog. That has taken just under 3 months and personally I was expecting about 100 by this stage. It just goes to show that people will read any old crap :-)

by the way, there is a flurry of activity over at Hrun's weblog. Go and have a look

UPDATE: By my estimation hrun was the 1000th visitor and David was the 1001st. I could be wrong if I have misidentified who's IP address belongs to whom. Ask Hubris what the prize is.


Ade said...

And I believe I was the 1002nd!


hubris said...

Of course, your numbers are skewed upward by the "foreskin" searches. All's fair in love and sitemeter, though.

Sadly, my site is still #1 on Google for the search "passive aggressive relationship." Poor bastards.

Kav said...

yep, the numbers are way artificial, but who cares ;-)

I am sure that sufferers have found your translator incredibly useful.

hrun said...

Lousy no-prize, cheap-ass blog!