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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Road House Re-revisited

Went out for a meal with a visitor from Japan last night - introduced him to the joy of a British pub meal. Very nice it was too though he decided that the 4.5% bitter was too strong for him and he only managed a half.

Got in at just past 9 and was about to settle in to watch the rest of Dog Soldiers when what did I see but BBC3 was showing the work of artistic genius that was Road House. Fantastic I thought, and settled in to watch Dalton hand out some serious arse kickings.

But you know what? It wasn't as good as I remembered it from the many years ago when I first watched it. More importantly it just wasn't as funny as it should be!!!!

But Dog Soldiers was really cool.


hrun said...

Kav, there are some really odd parallels going on across the pond. First, we both reach the 1000 visitor mark on our blogs ono the same day.

Then we end up watching Road House on the same night as you can see from my comments over at Hubris.

Kav said...

Don't suppose that you had an unusual encounter with a Bolivian mime artist, a rather pink ukalele, 6 gallons of sheep dip and a cuckoo clock did you?

That would be too freaky!

hrun said...

The day is not over, yet.

Anonymous said...

I am fairly certain that after having followed Hubris' brilliant interpretation of this timeless classic, even the original would pale in comparison to the comedic wisdom of Hubris. That, and it is overall just not a very good movie.

I wonder why I have watched it 372 times, or better yet, why do I keep track ?!


hubris said...

Thanks y'all.

Just curious--are there rough British and German equivalents of Road House? I have only seen the art films, not the "B" stuff.