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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Shuttling along on Cruise control

It's just one of those days today. Lots to do but with little patience for doing it.

Ever have days like that?

I can't even generate enough interest to have an opinion about anything that is worth posting.
I liked and agreed with Ade's post about the imminent launch of the space shuttle. The situation seems to be incredibly stupid and I worry that they are launching for political reasons rather than considering safety at all.

I also liked Tom Cruise's discussion about the myths of gynecology. Just like with psychiatry he's definitely onto something there. Oh sorry, my mistake, I meant to say that he is definitely on something.

Actually it is all a bit sad. I have enjoyed a fair few of Tom Cruise's movies though I would not describe myself as a fan. I am a fan of the lovely Nicole [drool] and thought he was a complete arse for leaving her. Then this happened and his handling of the situation gained him several notches in the respect stakes in my eyes (for the video see here). But then he goes and starts spouting bullshit with immense authority. I am all in favour of people having their own beliefs but I have little time for scientologists who push their crap.

Ha, there you go. A post about nothing that turned into something, now I just need to think of a catchy title. Ah, there you go. :-)


Anonymous said...

I just heard the audio from his interview with Matt Lauer, and I was amazed at the sheer audacity of Senor Thetan. What an arse!

I am not one of those people that tends to be overly concerned about the separation of church and state, but I can assure everybody that separation of state and that church should be high on anybody's list of priorities.

What really got me, after his diatribe sunk in was they way that he managed to overshadow a fairly good message (too many kids on Ritialin) with his condescending, patronizing, psuedo science, psychobabble.

Then again, maybe I am being too harsh.


Kav said...

no, not too harsh. he came across as a completely patronising, holier than thou tit.

Anonymous said...

Is a tit anything like a git ? lol


Kav said...

A tit can often be a git and indeed vice versa.

Its funny that a derogatory name for someone is derived from one of the most fun parts of the female anatomy :-)