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Thursday, June 23, 2005

strike a pose

The Most Important Part of the Workout

Pumping Iron, eating right, supplementation, these are all very important aspects of an exercise routine, but the most important part has to do with the mental. After each iron-pumping session, while the muscles are still swollen, I take some time in the locker room to pose down, get narcissistic, appreciate the progress I've made.

Some mornings I get up and don't know what to do with myself, I'm so damn pretty. : )

This passage is from Ideonexus where ryan is part way through discussing his exercise routine from a scientific viewpoint.

The last line just cracks me up.

Recently, I have determined that it is time I lost some weight. I have always been pretty large, though I am tall and broad and so the weight never looked quite as bad on me as it might on others. However, after two years in the states I got bigger! Not massively bigger, but big enough that I notice it in photographs and in the mirror (though I am still real pretty :-)).

The problem is that I work a lot. And when I am not working I am tired and the last thing I want to do is exercise. It is very easy to say that you must make time to do exercise but it is easier said than done. I used to be able to head off at lunchtimes to hit the pool and I am getting to a point where I could start doing that again which is pretty cool. A colleague of mine goes running, but I am reluctant to join him: I don't like running and would not make a particularly good partner to a chap who runs marathons. Who knows, if I get to a decent level of fitness perhaps my attitude will change and then I could start running. Plus time in the gym would be good as well and with the new job I have the chance to spend that time increases a little.

So exercise will start being more of a focus again soon, especially if my wife and I manage to get a house within walking or biking distance from university. In the meantime I am starting to concentrate on my diet. I always prided myself, when younger, that I could do anything I set my mind on that was simply an effort of will.

Now: hell no! I can't even stop biting my nails! That said I have cut down on food intake and am cutting down on sugar intake in tea and coffee. The next step is to cut down on tea and coffee! I am eating more vegatables and generally trying to balance my diet but more importantly I am attempting to limit the portions. Of course this means that I tend to feel hungry sooner after I eat but this does go away. Maybe soon I will be able to admire the progress I have made.

Of course my eating a chocolate pudding at lunch didn't help...


David said...

If I can offer some advice as someone who used to exercise a fair bit: sort the diet out first. Make sure you've really got used to having smaller portions and the feeling of being not quite full enough.

If you start knackering yourself out it's very easy to reach for a quick energy-boosting Mars Bars or whatever when you feel like you need it, instead of relying on slow-release energy and a decent intake of healthy things at the right mealtimes.

And drink water all day long. Buckets of the stuff!

Kav said...

I am upping the water intake. It helps that the cooler is within easy reach of my office.

Another lardy workmate and I may have just made a pact for mutual gym embarrasment come the autumn, which will help.

Last night I ate a huge curry, which did not help the portions things. Also it has left lingering problems. Damn good job that I do not currently share an office!!!

David said...

That's the other thing: fewer takeaways. [I know I'm assuming it was a takeaway, but it's not an unreasonable conclusion to which to leap. ;)] Got to be able to control the levels of oil and extras that are in your meals.

Check out the You Are What You Eat site for some tips and recipes. I like the show, she does seem to know what she's talking about.