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Monday, June 27, 2005

Terrible punning? Not eye!

The eyes have it!

Well, what a gorgeous weekend in the sun. Even on Friday it was shorts weather here in the north of England. Of course it wasn't so pleasant

There are two truths about the British weather: we could be in the middle of a heatwave that reduces the country to a desert killing millions in its wake and come Glastonbury weekend the festival will still be covered in mud. The other truth is that if we have the wettest winter in history followed by a spring deluge that would make Noah start thinking about where he left his hammer and the really big shovel, then you can guarantee that in the summer if we have a day of sunshine it will be announced that there will be a hosepipe ban. This is even more 'funny' for me having come back from Boulder where they know the meaning of the word water-shortage.

Anyway, had my eyes checked on Friday. I need new glasses again. That is 15 months since my last pair. Are my eyes deteriorating that rapidly? Not at all, in fact my eyes looked quite healthy and contrary to the last test it seems that my pressures are not as high as was first feared - worries of glaucoma can be somewhat postponed. Actually what happened was that whilst in America I failed to stand up for myself properly and came over all British

Let me explain. I had an eyetest and was informed that my prescription had changed enough to warrant a new set of spectacles. I therefore bought a new pair and the problems began. It always takes a little while to adjust to a new pair of glasses, especially after a dramatic prescription change, you kind of get used to seeing in soft focus and so the sharpness and clarity comes as a bit of a shock. When I walked out of the shop with my new glasses I noticed that things were different, but not in a clear way. Things were fuzzy and it was hard to focus. I went back in and explained this but was told that I was just adjusting to the new thin lenses.
"Okay, but surely it shouldn't be so fuzzy", said I.
"It will be for a while", said she.
"Are you sure?", said I.
"Come back in a week if you aren't happy", said she.
"I'll do that", said I.

I wasn't happy. Things did improve as my eyes adjusted to their new lenses but overall I still felt that I was not seeing as clearly as I had been. But of course the mind sometimes plays tricks and when I compared my old glasses with new it was very hard to tell. I noticed for definite that there was a problem last July whilst the wife and I were enjoying a 2-year delayed honeymoon in Hawaii. I was driving back in twilight from the east to the west coast of the big island and I had a really hard time reading signs that I knew damn well I should have been able to read.
So of course I stormed into the opticians and made a massive stink. Actually, of course I didn't do that at all. I lived with it. I lived with it for a further 11 months when finally I went for another checkup mostly because of the worry about high eyeball pressures.

And what did I find out? Well, as I have already indicated, I found out that my pressure is not all that high (though on the higher end of the safe scale). More importantly I found that my prescription is much closer to my last glasses rather than my current ones with are [drumroll] too weak. Fan-bloody-tastic.

Hurrah, I cheered, i was right. The glasses they sold me were not good enough, as I suspected.
Arse, I moaned, why didn't I sort it out with them when I had the chance. Pooh!

Now, come Friday, we shall see how the new spectacles measure up...

UPDATE: Name of post changed due to distinct lack of originality


David said...

What an awful pun for a title. No one in their right mind would ever use it. ;)

Kav said...

Oh crap, now I am just derivative!