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Sunday, June 05, 2005

To Burn or not to Burn...

The secretary of the later Pope John Paul II has decided not to burn the personal papers of the former pontiff. John Paul II had asked
Archbishop Stanislaw Dziwisz to oversee the burning of all of his personal papers and documents.

Read the story here.

Now I am in two minds about this: on the one hand these document may have great significance in undertanding the mind of the man who led the church for so many years. A man who witnessed amazing developments in the modern world.

On the other hand he asked that they be burnt, and they were his property. Shouldn't that count for something?


Anonymous said...

Were I asked to make this decision, I would find it to be extraordinarily difficult. Ultimately, I think I would come down on the side of honoring the expressed wishes of the owner.


Sumeeta said...

I can understand why Dziwisz would resist wanting to burn the documents, yet I believe the pope had a reason for wanting his personal papers burned. That is why Dziwisz should burn the papers.

Kav said...

I think that there will be plenty of people who will ask arch questions about why the pope wanted them burnt. Clearly the information cannot be too awful or else Dziwisz would have burnt them.

I guess I have to come down on the fact that he wanted them burnt and so in flames they should be.

Shinobi said...

Man, if we can't even honor the last wishes of the Pope, what hope is there for little peons like me. Burn it all. hehe fire hehe