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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Where are you...

... in the lifecycle of a blogger?

Thanks to David of Fuddland for sending the link to me. He thinks I am somewhere between 3 and 4. So David, where are you?

In fact, where is everybody else upto? I know that Hubris has at least passed #5.

As David said, it's funny because it is true.


David said...

Harder to say where I am -- definitely past #6, having done all the previous items to some degree, but if anyone thinks I've done #7, shoot me now.

#8 -- hmm, yes, let's not talk about that shall we?

#9's been done too, but on a less formal basis [i.e. 10 bloggers converging on a pub in London], and much earlier than #5.

So I guess I'm hovering dangerously close to #10. But then I've always been pedantically navelgazingly annoying, blog or not. :P

hubris said...

Dude, you're right; I'm past six. I think I'll be skipping some of the subsequent steps.