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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Zany Tom! - or not.

Prompted by this from Ntodd
Tom Cruise is really starting to annoy me now. As I said, I started off with some grudging respect for the man but that is quickly eroding. I have some sympathy as he has had a bit of a hard time from the press over his relationship with Katie Holmes and there does sometimes seem to be a sniggering attitude from some quarters of the press over anything such as aliens. However to come back acting as arrogant and patronising as he has been coming across lately does not help him in any way.

For the record, I agree with him that extra terrestrial aliens are likely to exist somewhere in the universe. Exactly what stage of development they are at I don't know, depends what part(s) of what galaxy they are in I doubt that we have ever been visited by aliens and I certainly don't hold with the idea of thetans and the ghosts of long murdered aliens. If the press is going to grill Cruise, I wish they would focus on that. Don't do a half-cocked, sneering attempt to make him look a bit silly with a subject that a lot of people do believe in - the idea of extra-terrestrial life. Rather go straight to the tenets of his religion and find out of he believes in those specifics.

Tom, some advice from me to you, my strange little friend. Get off this junket, the film is going to do great anyway. Spend some down-time with your new hottie fiance and also think some about your religion and the 'facts' behind it. Lay off on the aggressive counter-interviewing tactics; they make you look like a git.


T.C. said...

Thanks for the advice.


Ebird said...

In the comments from nTodds post, Elroon states -Life elsewhere, a logical certainty-. I happen to disagree that it is a certainty and in fact I don't believe there is life elsewhere. I would say life elsewhere is possible - I just don't believe it exists. I'm sure you believe in ET life but what's your take on Elroon's statement? Just wondering what the scientist has to say.

hrun said...

Ebird, I would say that scientists at the moment have nothing much concrete to say about life elsewhere in the universe. As of this moment, we are still uncertain how life developed on this planet. We also don't know if life developed many times in parallel on this planet (and only one design won out) or if even on this planet where all the conditions were right life developed only once.

In the end, our knowledge is too limited and the sample size (occassions on which we can say with certainty that life did develop) is too small to make any meaningful prediction.

... of course I do not want to pre-empt what Kav has to say. But I probably do qualify as a scientists, though.

Kav said...

I generally agree with Hrun. I refuse to say with certainty that life does exist in the universe outside of our tiny biosphere. I think there is a high probability that there is life if we limit ourselves to thinking in terms of numbers of stars and planets and overall size of the universe.

However, Hrun is spot on inasmuch as our knowledge of how life originally developed is relatively weak and we have no real way of constraining the hows and whys of the situations in which life can develop.

I still doubt that they are here or that they visit, based upon the same arguments for their existence - sheer scale of the universe, etc.

I'd like to say that I hope that there is life out there, but I cannot even say that. I'm too selfish to care for the moment ;-)

hrun said...

As a side note about alien visitors: You have to love their sense of humore. They travel for thousands of years at near relativistic speeds, leaving behind their civilization, just to abduct some poor white folks in the Midwest, give them anal probes and then disappear again.

Now that's what I call dedication to a prank.

David said...

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