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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Buying a House

Well, I have mentioned before that the good lady wife and I are trying to sell her house and buy another, up north closer to where we both work. As I said, we have managed to sell her house (or rather it is under offer) and had to decide on a house up here rather quickly.

We had two properties in mind; one was larger and 3 bedrooms (£13000 more expensive), the other was smaller and had 4 bedrooms. We decided on the larger. It was also older but had a certain charm and was going to take more work that I wasn't to opposed to doing (painting and decorating only at first). The decision involved an awful lot of to-ing and fro-ing and was only reached at something close to midnight last night.

This morning on her commute to work my wife started to put together a list of last questions to ask the estate agent when she got a call. It was the estate agent asking whether we were interested in putting in an offer on the house since it was already under offer and the owners were desperate to sell. It seems that the house was being sold via probate - inheritance tax issues, and the children of the deceased want it sorted and the tax people want their money. The other potential buyer had paid for a survey but there was a certain amount of feet dragging for whatever reasons. My wife called me and we decided to put in the offer at £5000 less than the asking price.

Less than an hour later my wife calls again. She was uncomfortable with gazumping the other interested party. I agreed, I felt like a bit of a shit and so we withdrew our offer (which the estate agent helpfully told us would probably been accepted. Thanks, bitch). So we put in an offer on the other house and it was accepted within a couple of hours.

So thanks to our moral judgement we are buying a lovely 4 bedroom house in a lovely village just a few minutes walk from where I work. I think that we are both very happy with the decision. No regrets. We shall just have to see how the survey goes now...

Meeting with the bank tomorrow to get a mortgage. It's all go...


Shinobi said...

Congrats! That didn't take long.

Ebird said...

Yes congrats! I think you'll be happier with the one that needs less work. I know I would be. I'm replacing floors, painting, etc. Exhausting.

And that gazumping business. That's not for people who don't like to make a fuss.

Kav said...

Thank you, though I'm being a little cautious until the survey is done and things are further along. :-)

And that gazumping business. That's not for people who don't like to make a fuss.

Quite. And after my grand success with the whole spectacles thing clearly I'm not that keen on confrontation ;-)