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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Campaign to destroy 'Blogosphere'!!!

Do you know what I hate?


Not the thing but the name. It really sucks. I know that David agrees since he first mentioned it to me. It is an awful name and must be changed. We know how powerful bloggers are, we can do anything! It is time to use our combined might for good by destroying this terrible word and replacing it with...

Well, here's the problem. What do we call it instead? We need a new name to describe this collective. Please add your ideas in comments and most importantly pass word to others such that we may muster our forces and force this change before it is too late and we are all labeled by such a crappy word.

So pass on you ideas for a new name and keep watch for potential future developments in the campaign to rename the blogosphere.

Keep the faith!


hrun said...

Seems like Maddox agrees with you on the word Blogosphere.

David said...

This is the problem: what precisely are we trying to encompass with the word blogosphere?

Because weblogs are so diverse [and whilst we're at it, can we all please say "weblog" instead of "blog"? Thanks], anytime we try and generalise, we're probably excluding the vast majority of webloggers.

So, when we say "in the blogosphere", I think we actually mean "amongst the weblogs that I read" [or possibly "have heard of and read occasionally"], and hence, we might as well say, "amongst the weblogs that I know", or, if we do indeed really want to generalise to the highest degree, should say, "people who have a weblog, even though most of them are written by speakers of a language I don't understand so my generalising is utterly futile".

Or we should go down the pub and think about more important things altogether.

Ryan Somma said...

How about "Webzinosphere" to encompass really snobby bloggers like myself.

Or, if we're just talking about the world of ideas on the web, we could try "Memeosphere" or "Memepool."

There's also "Silicosphere," but that encompasses all information technology.

Kav said...

David, I take your point. It's a very good point in fact. However, the main point for consideration here is that I want a campaign!!!

If you're good I'll start another thread debating the merits of what we mean by the blogosphere.

Well we have some suggestions. We need more because all of Ryan's suggestions suck ;-)

Ade said...

Once upon a time there were websites. All the websites in the world were known as the World Wide Web, and everyone was happy and jolly.

Then someone decided that they weren't happy having a website. They wanted to be different, to coin a new name for their type of site, and so the Weblog was born.

Well, a different type of webite needed a different collective noun, and so some smart arse in 1997 decided that a blend of blog and stratosphere would be a suitable choice.

So, the word "Blogosphere" was created and I have only one thing to say:

You asked for it!

Kav said...

I never asked for nuffin'!

Besides this doesn't help the issue. Unless of course we propose to just use the World Wide Web of maybe t'internet.

Shinobi said...

I personally like Blogland, and that is what I call it when I'm talking about it in the real world. So I will use Blogland, and that's that.