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Saturday, July 02, 2005

I predict...

Although I am British and my blog is turning to more UK themes, the two years in the States means that I try to keep abreast of political developments over the other side of the pond. Also, most of the weblogs that I read are American and interestingly those I read most tend to be biased towards the right. I say interestingly as I feel that most people that I have conversed with on the web would think of me as left of centre, which I probably am on a lot of issues. I certainly am no fan of GWB.

Anyway the point of this post is to make a prediction.
Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day has retired. Hubris is all over this already with an exclusive.
Now for my prediction:

  • Certain left leaning weblogs will start a hullabaloo over potential candidates that GWB will nominate. GWB will nominate someone that the left doesn't like.
  • The left will scream a lot and the certain right wing weblogs will start acting smug and superior and will come across as really arrogant.
  • Meanwhile some lefty weblogs will sound hysterical and whiney.
  • Instapundit will say 'indeed' a lot and project virtual scowls at the left in that apparently (I say that because that is how it comes across to me) supercilious manner he has.
  • The media will be accused of being left wing and Joe Scarborough will continue to refer, in a scathing manner, to the 'media elite' without ever once appreciating the irony that he himself is one of them.
  • Democrats will try to block the nomination and Bush will end up winning somehow whilst rightwing pundits will make veiled references to the patriotism (or lack thereof) of the democrats for not supporting the president while deep down they know that if the roles had been reversed the same drama would have unfolded with switched sides.

That is my prediction. I hope that I am wrong and that they just sort it out like grown ups. In the meantime drop by here to the real world where it doesn't make a fig of difference. :-)

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