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Friday, July 15, 2005

It has been graduation all this week. Lots of students in robes looking pleased with themsleves being watched by beaming, proud parents and family. My main thought has been that thankfully I won't have to see these morons again!

No, not really. It is kind of nice seeing them getting their awards and looking happy and campus certainly seems brighter at the moment. That is mostly because estates puts out lots of flowers for this week that are strategically withdrawn as soon as all the pomp is finished with.

It will be quiet again soon and campus will be a bit of a ghost town. It is a shame that on these days of beautiful weather there are so few to enjoy those parts of campus that aren't an ugly concrete jungle. But it won't be for long. Soon we will have a herd of more students that will cause us undue sweat and stress. The summer break is far too short really for those who rely on this time to get their researc done. Hey-ho.

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