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Friday, July 08, 2005

Lashing out

A colleague of mine popped into my office today to share something that he saw this morning. One of the houses across the street from him is occupied by a family of eastern descent, I don't know exactly where. The husband works here at the uni in the computing department in our building, I don't know him though. I estimate that they are possibly one of very few non-white families that live in the housing estate in the village where my colleague lives (I used to live there too).

Some prick had scrawled OUT across their front door. Some cowardly, ignorant moron with no sense and less intelligence had blamed this blameless family for the crimes of the murdering scum yesterday. Oh how proud this made me. So to all those people who are tempted to blame all peoples different to us for the troubles we have I have a message:

Grow the fuck up and sort out your own messed up lives.

The police had been informed and I imagine that the family's (non-prick) neighbours will be calling in to see if they are alright. Whoever committed the crime either knows or knows of the family there. I assume that the socially aware scrawler was probably a kid or drunk, or both. If so I hope the police catch him and scare the living shit out of him! What a sad little git.


Anonymous said...

This is why I believe a logical, measured approach is needed, as opposed to booting out those of Arabian ancestry.

I enjoy you're writing, you are now in my links.

Mongo said...

Just an embarrassing observation. The day 9/11 happened I was ready to kill them all and let Allah sort em out.

Then I remembered my friends and business associates Beshid and Hamish.

I was, and still am, ashamed.

God bless you and your countrymen. Thank you for your support in the Global War on Terror.

Kav said...

Thanks Mongo, at least you didn't actually act on your emotions. And the fact that you feel ashamed by having those thoughts speaks volumes about you.

Steve, thank you for the link. I am glad you are enjoying my writing. I warn you that my weblog is very diverse. I wander all over the shop and so not all my ramblings are likely to interest, engage or amuse. It's just the way I am.