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Thursday, July 07, 2005

London blasts

To those who have queried after my well being I thank you but I can reassure you that I live almost as far from London as it is possible to be and still be in England.

I think it is becoming clearer now that the explosions today were part of a terrorist attack. The tube company originally (and I believe honestly) thought that it was a power-surge that caused some of the explosions; however the exploding bus and subsequent investigation from the national grid have put paid to that theory. Allegedly, some explosive material has been discovered and a group purporting to be either Al-Quaeda or acting on their behalf (conflicting reports) have claimed responsibility.

Unfortunately, 33 people have so far been reported dead with many injured as well. I hope that figure will not rise.

A lot of bickering will probably ensue following this, perhaps not right away, but we all have the desire to find out what happened, why it happened and who might have been at fault for not preventing it. That is human nature in this day and age. I want to put my two-penneth worth in now.

Terrorists caused it (subject to verification). It is their fault, no one else. Not liberals being soft, not conservatives being hard. There was a choice: plant the bombs or don't plant the bombs; someone chose to plant the bombs.
At the same time we should recognise why they chose to plant the bombs. If we can understand that then we might be on the way to stopping future generations from using similar tactics. This generation? I sadly say they are already a lost cause. Fanatiscism has a hold and we need to find these people and prosecute them, get them off the streets where they can be prevented from doing it again and worse, teaching new people to do the same. I say prosecute because we should do it within the rule of law, if we don't then we can start to become as bad as them.

We can and should debate the best methods for doing this but let us not use this time as a political opportunity to lambast our political opponents. Find common ground and work up a plan. I fear that this will be used as a platform for ramming through wavering legislation, such as ID cards instead of looking at other more effective methods of policing and combating terrorism.

Any following investigation will discover how the attack happened but I'd just like to say this: Barring major failures in procedure and gross misconduct an attack such as this was bound to happen at some time. It is the price we pay for living in a free society and knee-jerk reactions to situations such as this mean that the terrorists have won, and so I hope that this is viewed from that perspective.

Don't blame Blair. Yes, you heard me, an avid Blair hater, I said don't blame him. Unless we find out that his measures contributed to the bombing it is not his fault. As I said, it was going to happen anyway and unlike the previous Spanish government he has not attempted to suggest that it was something other than what it appears to be in order to deflect critiscism of his policies. Would it have happened if we hadn't invaded Iraq; who knows? Not me, or anyone else and we can never know since we happen to live in the universe where we did invade. Besides, we were right to ramp up the war on terror and that included Afghanistan and so we would always have been a target and probably always will as part of the decadent west.

Tony is heading south from the G8 summit to be in London. He is acting as a responsible leader and moving to a position where he can get a better grasp of the information and developments. I think he should then go back north, relatively quickly. He has an important job to do up there and one I and many in the UK support, we should not let the terrorists disrupt that.

Some might suggest that he should stay up there, and my first reaction was the same. But that would have been politically bad and more importantly he should get the chance to see his family and to get a proper feel for the situation; something he couldn't do effectively in Scotland, I imagine. Plus no one knows what might follow on from this and he should be in a position to make important decisions quickly and with the information to hand. So lets give him a break for a while.

In the mean time let us hope that the death toll doesn't rise any further and that we catch the bastards who did this.


Anonymous said...

Glad you're ok. You have my sympathy and my thoughts are with your fellow countrymen.

banamine said...

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Kav said...

hmmm, and your point?