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Monday, July 11, 2005

Moving out!

I'm in a little bit of shock at the moment. My wife owns a house down south and we both work up north. Consequently we have been looking for a place of our own up here and to sell her house down there. It went on the market a little over a week ago and has had two seperate viewings since then. The day of the second viewing (3 hours afterwards) an offer was placed on the house! My wife accepted it and fingers crossed everything will now progress smoothly.

When she put it on the market, my wife was expecting to wait several months and so we are reeling quite a bit. The process will take a few months now but it is still shocking. We are both very attached to that house, we spent many hours hilst we were dating there and it really feels like home. Neither of us wanted to sell it but don't have a lot of choice.

Now though we have a week to try and organise necessary paperwork, sort out a mortgage and put an offer in on a house up here. Why a week? Well as these things happen we are set to go to a conference for two weeks abroad starting this coming weekend. So now we need to hustle so that we have a home when we sell the current one.

But basically, we are moving out!


David said...

*mutter mumble* grrr, making me homeless... *mumble gripe* ;)

Kav said...

I hear the sound of tiny violins playing...