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Friday, July 15, 2005

Nous allons aller en France

The good lady wife and I are off to France come Sunday. Two weeks in Toulouse at a pleasant conference surrounded by friends we have not seen since we left the States. Tres bien!

Contrary to (apparent) popular opinion in the US, the French folk are generally very nice when you get talking to them, at least as nice as anyone else in the world. And although I can appreciate a joke at the French's expense with the best of them, the thinly veiled hostility I sensed before I left America and what I have seen on some weblogs is quite worrying, sometimes bordering on racist.

Well, in an effort to foster better relations between the US/UK/France I shall drink lots of wine. Eats lots of food and try not to piss in the street in front of the Gendarmes or CRS.

A bientot, mes amies. :-)


Anonymous said...

Racist? If the French are a race, then God help us. I can deal with them just being a nationality.

Anonymous said...


Tell me it isn't so! Last time I was in Europe, I met one of my younger brothers in Paris, as he was on leave from his job with Halliburton (he is evil!) in Iraq. While in Paris, my brother and I decided to declare war on France, and to my utter amazement, they have yet to surrender to us. Now, if they could just dispatch with the Ivory Coast ...


Kav said...

perhaps racist was the wrong word unless you count the gallic peoples as a race distinct from say the anglo-saxons and the hispanics. Also I should clarify, the worst comments seem to come in the comments and not in the actual weblogs.

Anonymous said...

Damn, I was schooled. I forgot about Gallic vs. Anglo-Saxon. I was never really good with Anthropology.

There's only two things I hate: people who don't respect other people's cultures...and the Spanish.

Kav said...

Personally I cannot tolerate intolerant people!

JD, your French jokes would have to get much worse and also more of a constant barrage before I would put you in with those I described. ;-)

It really does seem that some people out there simply spend their days trying to come up with a method for hating the French in new and exciting ways.