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Friday, July 08, 2005

Some thoughts

I was writing a long post on terrorism. But do you know what? It's just not the time.
I will say a couple of things though.

The war in Iraq was a mistake. It was a mistake because it made us take our eyes of the ball and led us into an arena of partisan fighting that has reached epic levels. People who should know better make disparaging comments just to score political points and morons scream jingoistically about wiping them all out and destroying Mecca - because that would really solve the problem.

But do you know what else? It's not something we can walk away from. The problems there need fixing and there needs to be evaluation and re-evaluation of our methods for dealing with them. We need to get past the bile and venom. Brains need to be engaged, not just the reflex action of attack or defend based on ideological lines. We need to be honest about the past and to see the intent of poorly chosen words instead of latching onto phrases that can be used to inflame our supporters. Basically we need to get past the rhetoric and reach a place where we can be useful to each other again.

As for terrorism. Those bastards will always be with us and if we let them change the way we live and the freedoms we enjoy then they have succeeded in more than the murders they have committed so far. We will get the current crop and if we think things through than maybe we can start to persuade the future generations that we are not as bad as they think. Promoting democracy in Iraq might well be a step in that direction, time will tell. But we also have to hold everyone accountable for their actions be they our 'allies' or causes we sympathise with. Deliberately attack a civilian target and you are a terrorist, be you an Iraqi insurgent or a Palestinian. Fund or support terrorist groups and be prepared for the consequences. There can be no quarter, the age of support for friendly governments must come to an end if that government has two faces. Remember though, it's a battle to destroy those who would destroy us, but it can be accomplished through many different methods.

Anyway, enough of my rambling for now. Read JD's take over at Cabal.


Anonymous said...

For the most part, with one glarlingly obvious exception, I agree with this.


Kav said...

As to Iraq. It doesn't matter anymore, as I said we need to mostly look to the future. If evidence emerges that suggests people lied or were incompetent or just base stupid, I will worry about it then. That said, I don't think I'm wrong and if anyone (not you) starts shouting about how 'everyone now agrees with the war', then all bets are off ;-)

Anonymous said...

You seem to be channeling your thoughts into my head, because I wrote something along those same lines yesterday.

Mongo said...

"Remember though, it's a battle to destroy those who would destroy us, but it can be accomplished through many different methods."

Scuze me. If I am going to DESTROY someone, I will do it in the most expeditious method. I want these people dead. I don't want to discuss situations with them. I don't want to hear their political thoughts. I want them dead.

Kav said...

Perhaps you misunderstand me. I'm not thinking of inviting them round for a cup of tea to discuss differences here.
Part of the problem is the hideous, pervasive ideology that drives them. We need to destroy that and as efficient as we might be I doubt we can wipe out everyone who knows it and preaches it.
We need to think of the future, the next generation of terrorists who might come from parents without a single inclination for these hateful acts or ways of thinking. We need to find a way to guarantee that these ideas do not seem attractive to them. Therefore there are other ways of destroying the terrorists: remove their supply of willing acolytes and you destroy them.