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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

We Win!!!

Following on from yesterday's post about Mr. Chirac's attitude to British food I am happy to report that London has kicked Paris' arse in winning the bid for the Olympics. We also beat new York but by all accounts it was never a contender; though on a side note the references to 9/11 seemed a little out of place in the film that Steven Spielberg made for the NY bid.

Now I would point out that I don't particularly care for London; its a big smelly, dirty city full of often rude and patronising southerners who are the English face that most of the world sees, though they are hardly representative. Having said that it has some great museums, art galleries and shows, some wonderful historic buildings and parks, and some great views. This successful Olympic bid might help clean up parts of the city and rejuvenate others; it will also boost the economy and might lead to improvements in the public transport which are all to the good (though a voice in my head keeps shouting: what about the rest of the country?).

After considering all this I would add that I am proud to have the Olympics come to the UK in 2012 and would only add a consoling word to Paris which I am sure would have been an excellent host.

And to Mr. Chirac, a final word. You may think that our food is awful but we have won the games: Nyah, nyah, nyah-nyah, nyah

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