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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Well, I'm in France and its not too bad. Lots of decent food and drink and quite a few friends. Oh and the conference is okay as well.

One drawback is our hotel room. It is what you might call basic. It gets very hot (no AC or fans) but cools a little when we open the windows. Unfortunately we are on what appears to be a busy street where people love to shout, listen to loud music and honk their horns through the night. This is not helped by the 24 hour bakery that is across the street. Who would have thought that a bakery could be so popular at 4 am?

Oh well. I'll post something of substance when I have time, ability or inclination.

Au revoir


Anonymous said...


You will grow to love France as much as I do. I can already tell that it is beginning to wear on you. A couple more days and you will share my views!


hubris said...

Glad you're having fun - I have to admit that without A/C, I would be clawing at my face within hours.