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Monday, August 01, 2005

Back but... gone

Hello all. Back from France. A very useful conference, lots of work spun out of a number of talks and useful conversations. Toulouse: not a city I would neccessarily recommend for a holiday: not as nice as Nice though the central squares are very picturesque and the food was great on the whole.

Due to personal reasons and being very, very busy I will be blogging at a minimum for the next few weeks. Thanks to all who have been checking in on my weblog whilst I was away. I shall be (hopefully) back again soon.

p.s. Hrun I haven't forgotten our evolution discussion and I think that for the time being I cede to what you were saying... though I do have some further thoughts along a slightly different tack.


hubris said...

Welcome back.

Hope the "personal reasons" means that you need recovery time from all the sweaty, un-air-conditioned, filthy French sex you had with your wife; on the other hand, if it's something bad going on, best wishes.

hrun said...

Kav, apparently Bush also has not forgotten about the evolution debate.