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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Breaking News

I see that the former director of the UN's oil-for-food program has been accused of taking kickbacks by a UN appointed investigation. So clearly we can see that the invasion of Iraq was totally justified. Thought I would beat some of the more crazy weblogs to the punch there. When news of this scandal first surfaced there seemed to be a cadre of pundits/commentators who, to my ears at least, implied that this was evidence of the gross crapness on behalf of the UN which somehow delegitimised its existence and so clearly made the case for ignoring it and invading Iraq without an additional resolution. I seem to recall Scarborough ballet dancing around this possibility.

'See how corrupt they are? We were right to invade Iraq!' {not a direct quote from anyone}

Of course I got this report from the BBC so it must be tainted, plus it was from a UN investigations so it must be wrong somehow as well!

Sorry I'm in a slightly cynical mood at the moment.

I do not doubt that dodgy dealings went on and probably still go on in a bureaucracy like the UN. I am in little doubt that dodginess surrounds activities in the BBC, or the UK civil service or UK government, or the EU or even in the US government. Wherever a bureaucracy grows up there are the chances to cash in for certain individuals. Does this delegitimise their existence? Not always, no. I have my own issues with the UN; I think we need a rethink in how it works and how it is structured. But lets not descend into stupid attempts at some sort of illogical moral equivalence.

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