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Monday, August 08, 2005

Fighting Back, Cracking down

The lovely Tony has some ideas for combatting terrorists/militants/extremists/whatever in the UK. He wants to target those who incite to cause terrorism, including the possible deportation of such people. This has caused some worry and unrest in a number of quarters, both from the left of Labour and from the right. Personally I am starting to wonder more and more about how we can deal with what is a growing threat. I think that many of our recent actions have worsened the immediate problems though I would argue that it is more a speeding up of a process that was already coming rather than the creation of a whole new problem.

Do I support Tony's new measures? I don't know, I would need to know more than I do at this early stage but they do sound appealing. The best I could do at the moment is say that I support them in principle but that I am unsure of how confident I feel in the current government to exercise any further powers with sensible precaution. Quite frankly the only person I would trust with the powers so far described is myself. Though, I have almost given up on becoming benevelent dictator for life of the UK. It doesn't help that I am a Royalist anyway.

I feel that the correct way to go is being initiated now. Treason. We already have quite a nice, broad law that we could nail some of these bastards with. In fact one of them seems to be fleeing the prospect already.

Now I have a suggestion for who we could perhaps consider first. I nominate this evil snake.

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