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Monday, August 08, 2005

Sad News

A little over a week ago we had a loss in the family. On the day we returned from Toulouse my wife's father died. Thankfully with a little forewarning my wife had grabbed a much earlier flight home with the most excellent assistance from a highly efficient and friendly French BA employee at Toulouse airport. This meant that she got to see her dad before he passed away.

He had been ill for quite some time. Diagnosed with prostate cancer he had managed to fight it long past the time that the doctors had expected him to survive to. Prostate cancer can be 'cured' if caught early enough, unfortunately it was not caught in time in my father-in-law. I urge any readers who are male to consider regular checkups when they are older or if they are already past 40. It may seem weird to think of someone probing you but quite frankly it has to be worth it.

I have been hesitant to post about this simply because the news is somewhat personal for my wife and since she reads this blog I wanted to be sure that she did not mind before I started spouting her business all over the web. I also like to retain some measure of anonymity and so I will not disclose his name. My wife and I have been staying with her mother since it happened (though I took a few days to head north and do some work related things) and both of them, mother and daughter, have been coping very well. The funeral is on Wednesday and I hope that they both manage through that as well. I am sure they will.

About my wife's father. He was a nice man, easy to get along with from my point of view. He worked very hard for his local church and will be sorely missed in the local community. He was also an excellent scientist who had made many contributions to the field of aviation. My wife will correct me if I am wrong but I recall that he played a part in the early years of the Harrier VTOL jet and (along with his wife) in Concorde. In fact if you ever have, indeed if you ever do find yourself coming into land at an airport in a large thunderstorm say a little thank you to my wife's father since it is partly due to him that the pilot can land that plane without fear of microbursts causing them to crash.

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hrun said...

Kav, my condolences to you and your wife.