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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Serious Help Needed

I hate cricket. I used to quite like playing it at school but watching it? No thanks, it bores me rigid. I prefer watching golf, I find cricket that boring! Not as boring as baseball which must be well up there in the 'most boring sport in the world' stakes, but it isn't far off.

But God help me, I found myself getting drawn in to the latest Ashes tests. I even found it exciting as England actually beat Australia by two wickets in the last test. I am even slightly looking forward to watching the next test which starts tomorrow.

Basically I need help!!!!

come on England!


Ade said...

You are ok mate. You might be finding yourself drawn in, but you can feel safe in the knowledge that you don't know what you're talking about - we beat Australia by 2 runs, not 2 wickets ;)

Kav said...

Quite right. I feel much better now ;-)

derailuer said...

BASEBALLL BORING? wow i thoughti was the ONLY one that thought it was the most BORING SPORT on the face of this planet. we played cricket when i was a kid[ american style]. dont know how you dudes did it there its ok to play. but must be prerty boreing to watch.

Kathy said...

I actually thought you were talking about the insect(and forgot the "the") when I read the opening sentence
I feel so americanly stupid

Kav said...

Actually I quite like crickets (the insects). The noise is one of the hings I miss most about living in Boulder. :-)